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"Nagasaki 1945 - The Angelus Bells"

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"Nagasaki 1945 - Angelus no Kane" (Nagasaki 1945 - The Angelus Bells) is an eigty-minutes Japanese-language animated feature movie dealing with the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. It is expected to reach completion in August 2005(in October 2005 about English-language version).

The movie will be produced in 16 mm film, 35 mm film, and DVD media formats. The production cost of the movie, expected to reach about 150 million yen (1.4 million dollars), will be offset by contributions from the citizens of Nagasaki and other benefactors around the world. We hope that you will cooperate in this important undertaking by sending contributions by mail.

The Story

The No.1 Urakami Hospital stood close to Urakami Cathedral. From the tall steeples of this church, the "Angelus Bells" faithfully sounded the hour everyday. Since it was located in the middle of Japan's largest Catholic community, the hospital provided space for prayers, confession and other religious activities and served as a spiritual oasis for the war-weary people of Nagasaki.

Dr. Tatsuichiro Akizuki, the only physician on duty at the hospital, was Buddhist by birth but won the love and respect of the Urakami Catholics because of his sincerity and unpretentious character.

Dr. Akizuki and others heard reports about the explosion of a "new-type bomb" over Hiroshima. Just when they were fretting over this ominous news, an American B-29 bomber was preparing secretly for another attack on Japan. August 9, 1945, 11:02 a.m. A new-type bomb exploded in the sky over Nagasaki, instantly reducing the city to ruins and killing and injuring its residents. Urakami Cathedral was also ravaged, and the Angelus Bells were torn from their steeples and buried under the rubble.

Dr. Akizuki and other survivors strove to help each other, continuing their medical activities despite unspeakable hardships and an ensuing sense of despair. Their motivation was an unmoving conviction that the Angelus Bells would once again ring out over Nagasaki, announcing the "resurrection" of their city…

Call for Contributions

The production of this movie will be funded through grassroots contributions, and the names of individuals and organizations contributing more than 300,000 yen (about $3,000) will be included in the movie credits. We look forward to your contribution.

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